AFPA Fire and Safety Dubai

Local Workshop & Storage Facilities

Local Workshop

AFPA. has its own work shop facility located Al Quoz. This facility spans around 2,000sqfeet area housing all the necessary requirements, to make it a complete unit for all needs for local support on all storage, fabrication, painting, assembly, testing, inspection, etc for AFPA in U.A.E.

Adminstration Office

This office is a complete admin facility with telephone connection one fax connection and E-mail facility. The office is the base of Installation, Maintenance and all services activities of Fire Protections.


The workshop facility is where assembly of all protection equipment is skid mounted or in enclosures as per the client's needs is carried out. The skids and enclosures will be completely fit out with the cylinder, manifold and the electrical cabling and terminations. After assembly it will be ready for hooking up to the site pipe work.


Storage include:

  • Installation equipment stock
  • Regular & critical spare parts
  • Electrical fire protection & alarm equipment spare & stock
  • Tools & other construction materials'
  • All safety equipment spare stock

All the materials' moves in and out and the materials' inventory control maintained in a day-to-day basis in a well system manner.

Onsite Workshop Facilities

AFPA will provide onsite work shop facility with the following:-

  • Entrance and exit goods loading and unloading areas
  • Dining and toilet facilities for the labour

  • Fabrication facility of Pipes
  • First aid equipments