AFPA Fire and Safety Dubai

Quality Policy

AFPA is committed to provide professional service and expertise in the design, Supply & installation of Fire protection system. AFPA is committed to render excellent service to customers. AFPA Continuous improvement in the quality and services to achieve company's goal towards quality management system and sustaining a professional organization.

Quality Manual

AFPA will provide quality engineering and services to all the customers' in order to ensure we can consistently provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. It is in the policy of AFPA to provide products and services which consistently meet the needs and expectation of customers in relation to the competitiveness of market.

This level of quality is achieved through adoption of a system of procedures that reflect the competence of the company to existing customers, potential customers and independent auditing authorities.

Achievement of this policy involves all staff who are individually responsible for the quality of their works, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all. This policy is provided and explained to all the employees by the manger.

Specific principles of AFPA quality policy are:

  • Continuous improvement: Objectives for continuous improvement are to have equal preference with objectives for ongoing control.
  • Competitiveness: To demonstrate and provide unmatched valve and be equal to or exceed the quality of competitors.
  • External customer: Assure that customer's needs are identified and that design meets the relevant standards.
  • Internal customers: Quality will extend to all phases of our business. Processes are to be established at high yields with proof of process capability.
  • Work force involvement: Our policy is to stimulate our coworker's creativity, initiative & sense of responsibility and ownership.
  • New product introduction: Design reviews shall be conducted that cover the compliance of the design with the customer market and regulatory requirements for quality, reliability and safety.
  • Customer service: Developed and maintained system to provide accurate and current information on quality performance and customer acceptance.


As the company operates a standard type and range of services, customer satisfaction and quality are achieved by operation in accordance with the documented quality system. Specific customer's requirements are identified and documented during the contract review process, allowing these requirements to be communicated and achieved ensuring satisfaction of all customers.

HSE Policy

The AFPA believes that effective safety and health is a line management responsibility. Thus Safety and Health is driven and promoted from the highest level. The AFPA shall strive to exceed its statutory duty in ensuring the safety and health of its employees and all other persons who may be affected by its operations under its control. The Management arrangements for safety and health are Planned, Organized, Controlled, Monitored and Reviewed in line with current management legislation and best working practice and shall be reviewed at least once a year.

The following principals will be applied: -

AFPA line management shall provide suitable and sufficient resources necessary to manage risk, ensure the implementation and enforcement of policy and procedure.

AFPA shall provide and maintain a safe place of work that as is reasonable without risk to health. Manage risk, provided and maintain safe systems of work, promote best working practices through continuous improvement.

Appoint competent employees and contractors, provide them information, instruction and training necessary to permit persons under the control of AFPA to fulfill their responsibilities

To examine the effectiveness of our policy and arrangements in force through communication and consultation with our employees and contractors achieved through the Consultation for the Improvement of Safety meetings.